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 ▪ Christians Join Hands to Help People in Need
. Appalachian Outreach began in 1984 as a home repair ministry for poverty level people, by the Campus Ministries Department of Carson-Newman University, Jefferson City, Tennessee. Since then Appalachian Outreach has expanded its ministries to include a homeless shelter called Samaritan House, a food distribution ministry, a used clothing and furniture ministry, a computer and GED educational program, a ministry to Hispanic people, a recycling program, Christian nurturing and counseling. The Appalachian Outreach Ministries Center is located at 190 Old Andrew Johnson Highway, across from the city park.

 ▪ Partnership Principle.  Appalachian Outreach connects people in need with those who have resources in order to help the less fortunate. Many people are able to give personal time by actually working on the project sites while others can only support the ministry in a monetary way. The amount of support is directly equivalent to the amount of work that can be completed. Therefore, AO strives to meet as many needs as possible. Most of the clients have been waiting for someone to help them for many years. As one elderly neighbor of one whose home was being repaired said, with tears of gratitude in her eyes, "I've been praying for years for someone to come and help my dear friend." Many of our clients have been living in sad circumstances for years, just struggling to put food on the table and to keep warm in the winter. As the homes are improved physically, AO shares the encouragement and witness of Jesus Christ. The hard work and love of Christ help build a firm foundation and structure for their homes.

 ▪ Appalachian Outreach: Meeting Needs Through Words and Deeds. Click here to see AO ministries in action in this video presentation.


 ▪ Home Improvement In Jesus Name! Appalachian Outreach ministers to families from a five county area, who need home repair. They are recommended by churches, community organizations, Department of Human Services, home health care services, and by individuals. College students, faculty, community volunteers, church youth & adult groups  join together as partners in volunteering their time, talent and resources to provide a helping hand. The repair ministry is supervised by Foreman, George Husk. Each year many homes are repaired as tangible expressions of the love of Jesus Christ. Funding for this program is provided by individuals, church and civic organizations.


 ▪ A Home with a Heart! Families and single women who are in need of temporary housing (up to 45 days) live at Samaritan House (130 Old Andrew Johnson Highway, Jefferson City). The staff of this seven bedroom home provides counsel for clients in the areas of finding a permanent place to live, social services, family planning, and the Christian lifestyle. Samaritan House also provides a food pantry, laundry ministry, a used furniture center and computer training (in Spanish and English) for its' residents and the community. Volunteers from the college, community and churches provide mentoring relationships and service in Jesus' name.

 ▪ Open Doors and Open Arms!  Since 1987 Samaritan House has been a ministry operated by students & staff of the Campus Ministries Department of Carson-Newman College in cooperation with a network of friends, churches & community agencies. Funding for this ministry is provided by gifts from individuals, churches, community organizations, fund raisers and some support from the United Way. Without our Samaritan House friends, the doors of service would not have stayed open. As one eight year old boy said with a sincere heart, Thanks for giving my Mom and me a home to live in”. Truly Samaritan House is a miracle that God provides daily for people in need. For more information, click on this link: Samaritan House or contact Samaritan House Coordinator, Gail Hickman, at 865-475-5032 or  


 ▪ Get involved with AO. Appalachian Outreach invites you to serve with us, either as an individual or with a group from your church or service organization. During the college school year, college students, church volunteers and civic groups work on Saturdays, during college Spring Break and at selected other times to repair homes. Each summer AO hosts approximately 75 volunteers each week during the months of June and July, as they work Mondays-Thursdays to repair roofs, floors, plumbing, etc.  Church groups are asked to pay a fee of $325 per person for the summer mission program with AO, to assist with the construction cost, housing in the college dorms, and general cost of the program. In addition to the home repair work, mission teams can choose for some of their team members to be involve in the other various ministries of AO mentioned above, including Back Yard Bible Clubs. Appalachian Outreach information/application packets are available for groups or individuals who desire to serve.

An online application form for participating as a group in a summer mission project is available by clicking on this link.

For an application to an AO staff or summer missionary position, click on this link. 





 ▪ For more information contact our Appalachian Outreach staff:  Jean-Ann Washam, Executive Director;  Jim Wilson, Consultant.  Phone: 865-475-5611 or 471-3537.   Fax: 865-262-9076   Address:  P.O Box CN71904 ,  Jefferson City , TN 37760.  If you have comments or suggestions about this web page, contact Dr. John Burton at .

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