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This page is a resource for my students in composition and literature at Carson-Newman University. I will be adding to this website over the course of each term; April 24, 2018, was the last update. My e-mail address for student use is kwheeler@cn.edu You can find materials for various subjects by clicking on the menu bar in the upper left corner of this page. This page is best viewed using Safari 5.1.2, Mozilla Firefox 33, or Internet Explorer version 6.1 or higher; viewing it on wider monitors may lead to visual distortions you can correct by shrinking the size of your viewing window.

Office Location: Room 309 in the English Department suite of Henderson 311
Morning Office Hours: See Syllabus
Afternoon Office Hours: See Syllabus
Office Phone: (865) 471-3283
Home Phone: (865) 471-0479
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