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Twelve Things You Probaby Didn't Know About Your Teacher

Did You Know That Your Teacher . . .

(1) . . . can say the alphabet backwards?

(2) . . . can say, "Help me, I have an ax stuck in my head" in six languages?

(3) . . . did missionary work in Mexico when he was eighteen?

(4) . . . has used "I Love Texas" mugs to bribe librarians at the British Museum to get extra time with manuscripts?

(5). . . has been kicked by more cattle than any other humanities professor emerging from the University of Oregon?

(6) . . . owns a collection of over 500 vampire movies on VHS and DVD, including films from Italy, Mexico, China, and France?

(7) . . . is allergic to chalk dust?

(8) . . . once met Stephen Hawking?

(9) . . . has lived in seven states including Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Oregon, Washington and Tennessee?

(10) . . . has never watched Bambi?

(11) . . . once led his high school in a walk-out to protest Oklahoma education policies in 1990?

(12) . . . once lived behind a mortuary because he was too poor as a graduate student to find better accomodations?



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