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Unusual or Difficult Questions E-mailed to Me:

One unusual advantage to operating a website like this one is that people from all over the world send me e-mails in response to the materials online. Some of it is favorable commentary, some of it involves difficult erudite questions, and some of it is just plain strange. I include a sampler below, with names withheld to protect the guilty:

Difficult Erudite Questions People Have Sent Me:

  • Hello, Is there a literary term that means a character's name corresponds to the character's physical characteristics and/or personality traits?
  • Do you know of a particular author of a rhetorical text who has applied "trope" to aporia?  Thanking you in advance for your response.
  • I do have several questions about the Shijing which your site did not answer, and while I hesitate to disturb you with them, I imagine that your students may have the same queries, so you might wish to add this information to the page. 1. You mention Commentator Mao, without giving a date or dynasty for him. Would you care to elaborate slightly, or perhaps mention the other Han schools, and why they came about? I have read (in the preface to Karlgren's Book of Odes) that there were four textual traditions . . . the Mao, Han, Lu and Tsung schools, with slight divergences in texts, and that the traditionally accepted version is the Mao. But I have not found any additional info on them. 2. Do you have any opinions on the quality of the translations by Karlgren, Legge, and Xu Yuanchong?
  • Do you suppose that meiosis and litotes originate in the same part of Choamsky-ian grammatical deep structure?

Unusual and Just Plain Strange Questions People Have Sent Me:

  • Can you please tell if I am correct in assuming that the English language was perfected to an actual written languange format by the Cathoilc Church in Rome, Vatican City definitely before Christ. They also did not want to let anyone know about it, or thier hand in the revisions over the centuries. There has never been an actual language of English, until the Church needed to disguise certain knowledge that may affect thier leadership and power as one of the richest, most organized syndicates of this world. I fully understand that I am taking great liberty with the freedom of speech that I am allowed as my human right. I can show you a million different ways that the language was designed with destructive religious purpose. I am very respectful of the late pontif, John Paul, and know that he also understood the many voices of power that the Catholic Church holds, and thier unwillingness to ask God for the forgiveness that they need to. They had thier chances, through som e very incredible Saints, and they hid behind the viels of others kindness's and grace. They cannot however, fool the Almighty Lord of Lords, King of Kings, God Himself. That people need to respect certain doctrines of the Catholic Church as with any other church of the world, there are certain wrongs that must be righted. Over the centuries, you can understand that these destructuctive choices have been made for control, for persecution, for hiding behind the mask of death and destructions. They have hidden away much of the Holiness in Christ, adn the ancient scrolls that Jesus wrote Himself are carefully secreted within the depths of the Church basement's vaults and catacombs. I must apologize for my boldness, but I am a humble person, with nothing but my Love for God to carry me. I thank you in advance if you can get any information on the questions and theology theory I put forth. Please note that I do not have anything other than the interest of God'sTruth and Honor for t eh Valour of the Saints who lost thier earthly lives because they knew the Truth. Thank You Very Much
  • Is the hippocampus magnus a giant sea-horse? Whats the name of the biology book that has all the ancient, strange creatures?
  • hello I was wondering if you could be so kind as to help me. I have an English assignment to do. I have to read a book and turn it into an epic poem but I haven't the foggiest idea how to write an epic poem. I know what one is but not what it should look like. does that make any sense? Please tell me what an epic poem looks like.
  • My good friend Kip Williams (copied on this letter) and I are amused by the coincidence of your name and ours.  We just have to know what the "L." stands for in your name. There is always the possibility that it stands for "Ladd."
  • Do you know where we can find the meaning of the crane?  I cannot seem to find that answer for the children.  We know that they are used in oriental gardens and have a meaning but cannot find the meaning.  Thank you.
  • I would like to ask if you ever read about two wolf demons called Inoma and Amatsu one was a boy (Amatsu) and one was a girl (Inoma). Because I just suddenly started to remember stuff that never had happened to me...if you need more info on these two then tell right away!
  • hi i need to find the defination f Renaisssance,impact,principles, language,racialconflict and Ideology in the book of literary terms or the dictionary of Philosophy . i need the name of the book or website date of publication aplace of publication and edition. i can't fine it online please help me out. To stand behind Michael Jackson is to care for the sick. It understands for the need of love, and a place of peace. God gave him his talent! Please leave him alone don’t be so jealous. Michael Jackson will be King of pop forever. We were, we are, we we’ll always be behind Michael.


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