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Eternal Grammar Champions: Past Terms:

"Great individuals are meteors designed to burn so that the earth may be lighted."

Below, in this hallowed hall, enshrined for all eternity, are photos of those noble souls who took up the gauntlet in Dr. Wheeler's writing courses. These individuals successfully vanquished their foes, either in single combat or as part of a team effort. They have proven themselves to be champions of grammar, and most worthy of induction into this esteemed catalog of heros. Their god-like mastery of active voice sentence structure, their deft skill with conjunctive adverbs, and their prowess with past participles, all these traits set them in a category above lesser humanity. Indeed, they are paragons for all grammarians to emulate. They are slayers of the dreaded passive voice, independent conquerers of dependent clauses, dashing destroyers of dangling participles, and fearless foes of fragmented phrases. Indeed, these word-lords are our last bastion of hope for the King's English in these barbaric times of civil decay. O ye students of the university, look to their light, and have hope! Look to their example, and fear not the corruption of our noble English tongue!


This group appears to have a few Vulcans on the left.

A trio of grammatical terror from the 9:00 a.m. class!

The Cougar Team pounces!

The Vorpal Bunnies present a frightening image. For what is more terrifying than bunnies?

Fall 2013 -- 8:00 a.m. team of English 101 champions!

Fall 2013 -- 9:00 a.m. team of English 101 champions!

Fall 2012 -- Brittany and Justin flex their grammatical muscles in English 328!

grammar champs

Fall 2011, in English 328, the last two students standing as grammar champions are Kate Barber and Miriam Addison.
After a diagramming frenzy, they stand triumphant as team I.D. K.

grammar champs

In the English 101 class for Fall 2009, Sylvia Redman and Olivia Wallace frame Nick Schamper in the middle. They are the victorious "thumbs-up" team.

Brutus: "Another general shout? I do believe these applauses are
For some new honors that are heaped upon Caesar. " --Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

grammar champions

In English 328, in a clash of the titans, two teams had scores too close to call. We see above the "Cash and Prizes and Gumballs" team on the left, and the "Two Girls and a Guy" team on the right. They decided to settle the matter with fisticuffs. (L-R, Sara Little, Destry Cloud, Jon Coffee, David Austin, Natalie Lester, Stephanie Seal, and Derek Voiles.)

grammar champions

In the English 101 class for Fall 2008, in a surprise surge, Tania Vega, McKenzie Wampler, Ondes Webster (back row), and Michael Tribue (front) staged a dramatic comeback! On the last day of competition, they rose from dead last to first place.

Above, we see the victorious team for the morning class. Even at 8:00 a.m., they can shine.
Tyler gives a triumphant "#1" sign.

Below, we see two members of the victorious 10:00 a.m. class.
Two of their team members weren't available to be photographed,
but you can feel their spiritual presence in the room.

Here we see "Team Battle-Battle." Ben Wilkinson, Bridget Wilson, and Emily Smith strike a bellicose pose in the advanced grammar, composition, and history of English class.

Jessa Russel, Jessica Armstrong, and Hayley Sherrill, champions of the morning class.

Katlin Payne, Ashley Tipton, and Lindsay Harbison: don't turn your back on this powerful team.

In the Fall of 2004, we see the Wallflowers striking a floral pose. (Left to right: Lauren Bowen, Rachel Anderson, Edward Boncek, and Geoff "Tex" Ballard.)

Above, the Grammar Gangstas react to the news of their victory in a variety of ways. (Left to right: Cameron Coker, Bonni Carney, and Will Davis.)


Spring 2003 Champions include Michael "Big Mike" Forbs and Mark Carroll. Not pictured: team captain Megan Davis.


Above, we see the victorious team for the Fall 2003 morning class at Carson-Newman University as they flex their heroic muscles. (Left to right: Richard Moodie, Christina Apple, James Reese.)

"Team T.G.A.G." from the afternoon class strikes a modest, abashed pose in spite of their worthy victories in the afternoon class's competition. They are afternoon class champions for the Fall Term of 2003 at Carson-Newman University. Left to right: Emily Sheddan, Tasha Duignan, Brandon Suttles.

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