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Above, the Grammar Monkeys strike a simian pose to celebrate their conquests. They were the victors of the morning class during the Fall of 2001 at Gonzaga University.


Above, the Wildcats, "shake their groove-thang" to celebrate their triumphs. They serve as champion for the afternoon class during the Fall of 2001 at Gonzaga University. Brittany Spears had best watch out!


"Talent may be in time forgiven, but genius never!"

--Lord Byron
Fall 2000 Grammar Champions from the University of Oregon: "The Cucumbers,"
(The team elected to be depicted in the classic "Charlies' Angels" pose).

Spring 2001 Grammar Champions from the University of Oregon: Here, the "Thumbs Up" team members stand tall and proud.

"Nothing is more annoying than a low man raised to a high position."

--Emperor Claudian  

Winter 2000 champions (Left to right: Jose Arevalos, Joe Streckert, Brooke Hikade, Shannon Maaske, Charles Snell. Not pictured: Aaron Tice)

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