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English Authors of the Renaissance 

Here is a brief list of the major authors, playwrights, and poets of the English Renaissance. Some writers fall into more than one category. It is a partial and representative list rather than a comprehensive one. Do note the unfortunate absence of female authors....


Chapman, George (1559?-1634), poet, dramatist, translated classics like Homer's Iliad and Odyssey
Coverdale, Miles (1488?-1569), translator--Bible.
Tyndale, William (1492?-1536), translator, tract writer--New Testament (trans.).
Bacon, Sir Francis (1561-1626), philosopher, essayist--New Atlantis; 'The Advancement of Learning," Essays.
Lyly, John (1554?-1606), novelist, dramatist--"Euphues: the Anatomy of Wit"; "Euphues and His England."
More, Sir Thomas (1478-1535), prose writer--Utopia.
Sidney, Sir Philip (1554-86), poet, novelist--'Astrophel and Stella'; Arcadia.

Beaumont, Francis (1584-1616), dramatist--with John Fletcher, The Knight of the Burning Pestle.
Dekker, Thomas (1570?-1641), dramatist--The Shoemaker's Holiday.
Fletcher, John (1579-1625), dramatist--with Francis Beaumont, The Maid's Tragedy; with Shakespeare, The Two Noble Kinsmen
Ford, John (1586-1640?), dramatist--The Broken Heart.
Heywood, Thomas (died 1641?), dramatist--A Woman Killed with Kindness.
Jonson, Ben (1573?-1637), poet, dramatist--"Song to Celia."
Kyd, Thomas (1558-94), dramatist--The Spanish Tragedy.
Lyly, John (1554?-1606), novelist, dramatist--Euphues: the Anatomy of Wit; Euphues and His England.
Marlowe, Christopher (1564-93), dramatist--Doctor Faustus; The Jew of Malta;
Massinger, Philip (1583-1640), dramatist--A New Way to Pay Old Debts.
Middleton, Thomas (1570?-1627), dramatist--Michaelmas Terne.
Shakespeare, William (1564-1616), dramatist, poet--As You Like It; Hamlet; Macbeth; King Lear; The Tempest; and many other works.
Webster, John (1580?-1625?), dramatist--The Duchess of Malfi.


Daniel, Samuel (1562-1619), poet--"Defence of Ryme."
Lodge, Thomas (1558?-1625), poet--"Rosalynde."
Shakespeare, William (1564-1616), dramatist, poet--"Sonnets."
Sidney, Sir Philip (1554-86), poet, novelist--"Astrophel and Stella"; Arcadia.
Skelton, John (1460?-1529), poet--"Colyn Clout."
Spenser, Edmund (1552?-99), poet--The Faerie Queene, "The Shepherds' Calendar."
Wyatt, Sir Thomas (1503-42), poet--"Certayne Psalmes."


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