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Aemilia Lanyer's Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum

Vocabulary: Parable, platonic, allegory, philosophy, platonic forms, Socratic Dialogue


What year did Aemilia Lanyer publish her poetry and why is that year significant? I.e, what other famous religious work was published the same year (O ye Baptist students)? Why was Aemilia Lanyer rapidly married off to her cousin?

Lecture or Handouts:

Identify the following folks:

Deborah, Hester, Judith, Susanna, Eve, Pontius Pilate, Adam

Reading Questions:

  • Lanyer has two introductions to her poem, each one for a different kind of reader. What is the first kind of reader? What argument does she give for this reader to trust her words? What is the second kind of reader?

Identify the Following Quotations and be Able to Discuss Their Significance:

A. "It [the poem] was delivered unto me in sleep many years before I had any intent to write in this manner.... And thinking it a significant token that I was appointed to perform thsi work, I gave the very same words I received in sleep as the fittest title I could devise for this book."

B. "Evil disposed men, who forgetting they were born of women, nourished of women . . . do like vipers deface the wombs wherein they were bred."

C. "It pleased our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, . . . from the time of his conceptioni, til the hour of his death, to be begotten of a woman, born of a woman, nourished of a woman, obedient to a woman; and that he healed women, pardoned women, [and] comforted women."

D. "If one weak woman simply did offend,
This sin of ours hath no excuse nor end,
To which, poor souls, we never gave consent
Witness thy wife O Pilate, speaks for all,
Who did but dream"


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