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362 Study Questions: Marie De France, "Fables."

Vocabulary: beast fable, allegory

Identification: The Wolf, the Lamb, the Sow

Lecture Notes:

Introduction Questions:

Reading Questions:

  • "The Wolf and the Lamb"
  • What does the Wolf complain about regarding the water?
  • Examining the diction of the Lamb's speech and the Wolf's dialogue, how is Marie de France characterizing each speaker?
  • What happens to the Lamb at the end of the parable of the "The Wolf and the Lamb."

  • "The Wolf and the Sow"
  • The Wolf happens to find the Sow engaged in a "task" and wants the sow to hurry up. What is that "task"?
  • How does the Sow get rid of the Wolf so she can bear her piglets safely?
  • What moral does the Fable's speaker draw from this story?
  • What does the speaker value most--moral principles of honesty or the lives of the innocent?


A: None


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