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Some Useful Academic Services:

Computer Labs: There are several computer labs on campus. These include the Dougherty Science Building (Rooms 121, 122, and 126), the Henderson Humanities Building (Room 353), the Stokely Memorial Building (Room 12), a Macintosh lab in the Warren Art Building, and the Stephens-Burnett Library Computer Lab. Become familiar with them, their locations, andt their hours of availability. Workers there can help if you have computer difficulties with e-mail or printing a document. They can also help you with HTML projects and your Email account, or direct you to the right services. If the computer eats your homework or you have trouble getting your e-mail to work, these are good places to begin the quest for a cure.

Writing Labs: The Academic Support Center contains other resources in addition to the standard dungeons; there, you can find additional free assistance with or comments on your writing. You can arrange for tutoring by calling extension 3590 or showing up for peer tutoring sessions at the Baker Building (contact Academic Support Center for times) or the Henderson Humanities Building's Writing Lab in the evenings. (Typically, the hours are 7:00-9:00 p.m., but these hours will vary from term to term.) Though the writing tutors do not proofread papers, they can provide help with specific problem areas if you ask them.

Disability Services (AD 324): Carson-Newman makes reasonable accomodation for students wtih documented disabilities. Any student with a special disability (sight, hearing, language, mobility, etc.) that might affect class activities should notify me and obtain appropriate documenation. To request documentation, contact Dr. Laura Wadlington in Academic Support Services. If you have a physical or learning disability that you think may affect your performance in this class, please see me during the first week of the term so we can discuss whatever accommodations may be necessary.

Also note that there are dictionaries, thesauruses, encyclopedias, and style guidebooks available on-line (free of charge!) for even the most impoverished college student. Likewise, thousands of pertinent materials exist in the campus libraries, and millions more available through interlibrary loan. You have already paid for their use through tuition and other fees; it is certainly not against the rules to use them.


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