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Timeline 200-300:


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Galen of Pergamum proves arteries are carriers of blood, overturning the earlier belief that the arteries were merely air tubes.


Severus goes to defend Britain. He orders repairs to Hadrian's wall.


Caracalla, Severus's eldest son, becomes Emperor of Rome. He rules until 217.
211-217 Construction of the Roman Baths of Caracalla.


Caracalla murders his brother and rival to maintain his grip on the throne.

Edict of Caracalla extends Roman citizenship to almost all freemen in the empire.

217 Macrinus, Emperor of Romel. He rules until 218.


Elagabus becomes puppet-emperor of Rome, sitting on the throne until 222. The actual gris eminence in charge is his mother, Julia Maesa.


Period of the Three Kingdoms begins in China. It lasts until 265.
224 King Ardashir I begins the first circular-plan city at present-day Firuzabad, southwestern Iran.


King Ardashir I founds a new Persian empire.


Emperor Sujin, first known ruler of Japan.
231 Chinese invent the wheelbarrow.


Death of Emperor Alexander Sevrus. Maximinus becomes Emperor of Rome. He rules nominally until 238, but in reality, Rome descends into political chaos.
238 Chaotic and bloody year sees in the space of a few months the rapid deaths and succession of Emperors including Maximinus, Gordianus I, Gordianus II, Pupienus Maximus, and Balbinus. Finally, Gordian III becomes Emperor of Rome. He rules until 244.
239 Jewish Year 4,000
241 King Ardashir I finishes the first circular-plan city at present-day Firuzabad, southwestern Iran.
244 End of Gordian III's reign. Philip the Arabian becomes Emperor of Rome. He rules until 249.


End of Philip the Arabian's reign. Decius becomes Emperor of Rome. He rules until 251.


Decius orders persecution of Christians. New laws make emperor-worship compulsory.


Decius dies in battle with the Goths.
Gallus, Emperor of Rome, rules until 253.


Valerian becomes Emperor of Rome, ruling with his son Gallienus as co-Emperor.


Gallienus becomes Emperor of Rome. He rules until 268.
Period of the Thirty Tyrants begins.


The Western Qin dynasty reunites China. It rules until 317.


Goths sack Athens, Corinth, and Sparta.
Emperor Claudianus II rules the Empire until 270.


Aurelius becomes Emperor of Rome. He rules until 275. 


Emperor Aurelius dies.
Tacitus becomes Emperor of Rome.
276 Emperor Tacitus killed by his own troops.
Probus becomes Emperor of Rome.
282 Emperor Probus of Rome dies when he orders his soldiers to do peaceful work. They express their displeasure by killing him.
Carus becomes Emperor of Rome.


Emperor Carus dies in battle, killed by his own troops.


Diocletian becomes Emperor of Rome. He will rule until 305.


Diocletian divides the Empire. Maximian rules the Western or European half as co-emperor while Diocletian puts himself in charge of the Eastern half , which will later become the Byzantine Empire.


Carausius, commander of the Roman British navy, leads a revolt and rules Britain as a local emperor until one of his comrades, Allectus, murders him in 293.


Carausius murdered by one of his fellow rebels.





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