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Viking Sagas and Anglo-Saxon Epics: Downloads for Summer 2008

Material assigned for your reading in the textbooks, electronic reserve, handouts, or on a webpage, or any material we discuss in lecture--these will all be fair game for the mid-term and final examinations The weekly vocabulary listed in the syllabus is available in alphabetical order on the class website.

Syllabus (offline)
Policies (offline)
Topic Ideas for Research Paper
Powerpoint on History of Germanic Languages
Powerpoint on the Dark Ages: Volkerwanderung
Handout #1: Viking Age Iceland

Anglo-Saxon Stuff:
Beowulf Genealogy Chart 1 Handout
Beowulf Genealogy Chart 2 Handout
Bede Excerpt Handout

Other/Miscellaneous (Not necessarily discussed in class)
Medieval Heresies Handout
Medieval Manuscript Powerpoint


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