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The annual Fall Colors Canoe Float on the Holston River held each October and sponsored by the Appalachian Center, NatureWatch, and the Sierra Student Coalition at Carson-Newman College, Jefferson City, TN.     

 (Photograph copyright 2001 by Angelina Carpenter)


"Picture yourself in a boat on a river".....Mayterm 2001.......

River grass beneath the surface of the Upper Holston River, Summer 2000. (Photograph (c) by Guy L. Osborne, 2001)

English 381A (Psych 389) Life on the Holston:         

Field Study of an Appalachian River and Its People

Explore the Holston by canoe and kayak, through reading, by listening to knowledgeable people about the river's natural and social ecology, and by using other documentary methods such as photography. Seek to understand the river in the way of the concerned citizen, outdoor enthusiast, and amateur naturalist. Learn basic canoeing and kayak skills and river safety techniques as we float several scenic sections of the river. Our goal is to contribute to a guidebook of writing, interviews, photographs, and artwork that tells the story of the Holston River with an emphasis on enjoying the river as a source for environmental recreation and nature study while helping to restore the river's ecological health.

MayTerm Dates May 15- June 1. Class Schedule 9-300 Mon/Tues/Thurs (tentative). Academic credit hours 3.0 through Carson-Newman College, Jefferson City, TN. Instructors Prof. Larry Osborne and Prof. Ernest Lee. To Register Call the Registrar' Office at Carson-Newman College, 865-471-3240. For more information:  Contact Drs. Osborne or Lee by phone at 865-475-9061 or by e-mail at LOsborne@cn.edu or ELee@cn.edu.



   May 12-19

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Psy 318 Ecological Psychology

Dr. Ernest Lee of the English Department after floating from Mt. Carmel, TN, to Surgoinsville during the summer of 2000.

(Photograph copyright 2001 by Guy L. Osborne)

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