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One Little, Two Little, Three Little Vikings . . . .

Kolln and Funk define the functions of each part of speech according to the "slots" each part fills within a sentence pattern. They divide these sentence-patterns into ten types. Unfortunately, these types are a bit difficult to memorize. To help you out, I've created the following mnemonic aid--all based on the theme of Viking attacks. Memorize these sentences by number, and we'll later work through each one in class to show how it fits the numbered pattern.

I. One viking is outside. (Subject - Predicating Verb - Adv. of Time/Place)

II. Two vikings are harmless. (Subject - Predicating Verb - Adj. as Subj. Complement)

III. Three vikings are sailors. (Subject - Predicating Verb - Noun as Subj. Compl.)

IV. Four vikings seem fierce. (Subject - Linking Verb - Adj. as Subj. Complement)

V. Five vikings become raiders. (Subject - Linking Verb - Adj. as Subj. Complement)

VI. Six chieftains chuckled. (Subject - Intransitive Verb)

VII. Seven vikings slaughter the citizens. (Subject - Trans. Verb - Direct Object)

VIII. Eight abbots deny the vikings danegeld. (Subject - Trans. Verb -Indirect Object - Direct Object)

IX. Nine vikings find their monastery flammable. (Subject - Trans. Verb - Direct Object - Adj. as Object Complement)

X. Ten vikings consider the kingdom a conquest. (Subject - Trans. Verb - Direct Object - Noun as Object Complement)



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