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This page gives a series of links for students writing research papers. It includes some links about citing electronic sources, links about evaluating research sources and handouts for my Writing 123 class at the University of Oregon.

Materials for Writing Research Papers
  • External Links For Citation References of Electronic Sources

  • CGOS Columbia Online Style: MLA-Style Citations of Electronic Sources. "A description of how to cite online sources, including FTP sites, WWW, Telnet, Synchronous Communications, gopher, and e-mail."
  • Internet Citation Guides: "Citation formats for Internet resources are still in development but there are many Internet sites that offer acceptable interpretations of guidelines in several styles such as APA, MLA, Chicago, and Turabian. A selection of these sites is listed" here on this web page from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Library.

    External Links about Evaluating Research Sources

  • Robert Harris's Research Guidelines (very useful advice for evaluating sources on the internet).


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