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This page contains grammar links for students to read online, grammar handouts available as PDF files, powerpoint demonstrations on grammar, and the Eternal Hall of Grammar Champions.

You can download PDF files to your computer and then print them out or read them using the free program Adobe Acrobat. If you don't have a copy of Adobe Acrobat, you can download it here, for free!

The files at the bottom of the page are Powerpoint demonstrations that Dr. Wheeler uses in his English 101 class. Carson-Newman students can download these and view them on our lab computers.

Grammar Weblinks On This Site
Clauses and Phrases
Conjunctive Adverbs
Dangling Modifier
Dependent and Independent Clauses (TBA)
Diagramming Sentences
The English Lesson (anonymous poem)
Parts of Speech
Passive Voice
Prepositions: Dr. Wheeler's famous Ninja-in-a-boat rule (TBA).
Pronoun Errors
Punctuation Marks (TBA)
Pure Conjunctions
Stacked Adjectives and Adverbs
Subjunctive Mood
Subordinating Conjunctions
Viking Grammar (English 328)

Diagramming Sentences
Kolln and Funk's Ten Sentence Patterns

Why English Is Hard to Learn (humorous)
Widows/Orphans (and other obscure typesetting terms)
More to Come!

Grammar Handouts
Aid in Punctuation
Clichés and Trite Phrasing Exercise
Commas and Semicolons
Common Problems (General)
Common Problems (Citation)
Common Proofreading Marks (This handout may not be very legible on a computer screen, but if you print it out, it should be readable. It shows the marks and explains the abbreviations I will put on papers as I grade.)
Confusing Homonyms
Conjunctive Adverbs
Dangling Modifiers
Passive Voice Exercise #1
Passive Voice Exercise #2: Passive Bloodshed
Passive Voice Exercise #3: Dracula converted to Passive Voice
Passive Voice Guide
Punctuation Patterns: A Chart
Punctuating Titles: A Chart
Secrets of the Subjunctive Mood
Serial Commas: The Great Controversy
More to come!

Powerpoint Demonstrations on Grammar:

These powerpoint demonstrations were created by Charles Darling and Elene Sandorff, who have given me permission to use them here. Click here for information on viewing these Powerpoint Demonstrations. They are large files, with the size listed beside each one. Special thanks to Professor Darling and Ms. Sandorff for their willingness to share.

Clauses: Essential Building Blocks (180k)
Avoiding Sentence Fragments (216k)
Avoiding Run-on Sentences (392k)
Diagramming Sentences (196k)
Some Spelling Rules (624k HUGE FILE!)
A Capital Idea (148k)
Paragraph (Basic Structure) (296k)
The English House of Commas (156k)
Our Friend, the Semicolon (224k)
The Colon: Sentence Gateway (148k)
Subject-Verb Agreement (288k)
The Mighty Apostrophe (92k)
The Parts of Speech (888k, HUGE FILE!)
Plurals: A Guide to Creating Them for ESL students (240k)


Eternal Grammar Champions And Their Olympian Hall of Fame

Current Term!
Past Terms!

External Grammar Links:
Definitions of Basic Sentence Parts (an external webpage)



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