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Shakespeare Resources

Note: This page is only a starting spot! You might also wish to examine the resources available more generally about the Renaissance. Stay tuned for some bibliographies and other materials.

For Dr. Wheeler's Shakespeare Students:

Downloadable PDF Handouts for Dr. Wheeler's Shakespeare Students

You can download these PDF files to your computer and then print them out or read them using the free program Adobe Acrobat. If you don't have a copy of Adobe Acrobat, you can download it here, for free.

Renaissance Texts and Ideas Pertinent to Shakespeare:

Some External Shakespeare Webpages

Elizabethan Drama and the Globe Theatre

Shakespeare's Life

Shakespeare's History Plays and Real History:

Searchable Online Complete Works of Shakespeare:


  • Shakespeare Illustrated Explores nineteenth-century paintings, criticism and productions of Shakespeare's plays and their influences on one another.
  • Swan Drawing Image of the DeWitt Sketch copied by Von Buchell, only eyewitness drawing of an Elizabethan public theatre.


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